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Connecting People, Creating Networks

Reel Axis is a go to market firm specializing in the design and execution of programs for technology companies. We strive to provide a culture that is fun, flexible and engaging while providing strategic product positioning, sales and technical enablement, awareness and opportunity development solutions. Our deep expertise in understanding unique ways to go-to-market and to solve business problems allows our clients to grow their business in today’s crowded market.

Our Solutions

A lot of agencies have a menu of services, which is usually pretty helpful in understanding what they can offer. However, we also understand that not every service solves the same problem for every client. We offer an array of go-to-market solutions, from sales enablement to digital marketing to content development that can be customized on an as needed basis. We also understand how to best use marketing development funds to get the most value for the dollar.
  • Sales Enablement

    No sales, no business as they say. Our team focuses on the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help them sell more effectively. We will not only work with you on developing a strategic plan but we will execute it for you as well.

  • Digital Engagement

    We go beyond buzzwords and hype, we build online campaigns that leverage both traditional and non traditional tactics across platforms that work. From landing pages, digital ads, bots, and emails, our approach is focused on creating a conversation and telling stories that drive action.

  • Lead Development

    Not for thin skinned, getting and developing leads is a process that requires patience and determination. Our team understands that getting qualified leads can make the difference between a good quarter and a really bad one. We leverage all the tactics in our tool kit and our experience in the industry to deliver opportunities designed for you.

  • Event Coordination and Facilitation

    Most people don’t think that running an event takes much work. Those people don’t have the standards that we have. From networking events, webinars, Sales kick-offs, tradeshows and training workshops, they all require something different to be successful. We not only plan and execute events, we also have inside talent that can deliver a custom experience that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Partner Marketing

    There is a reason that manufactures use partners, because they work. Our partner marketing programs deliver a package of services from landing pages, sales collateral, emails, guaranteed leads and more. We leverage manufacturer offers combined with partner branding to provide a solution that not only brings new business, but builds your brand.

  • Audience Building

    Who doesn’t like an audience? Especially if you are a growing business. We have developed a platform ( built for and by people in the technology space. It provides news, promotions, events and more in an easy to digest manner. Through this platform we have built a captive audience of IT professionals that are searching for and need the help of our clients.

Our Team

Founded out of the increased demand for integrated marketing and sales enablement solutions in this sector, Reel Axis is the connector between the manufacturing and partner community. Our deep expertise in understanding unique ways to go-to-market and to solve business problems allows technology vendors to better compete in today’s market. We brought together the best and brightest across marketing disciplines and generations to support the solutions that make sense for your business. Our culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and pure scrappiness allows us to explore, experiment and find unique ways to solve the every changing problems within the channel technology space.
Gadget Guy and President

Chris Lee

Mixologist and Chief Strategy Officer

Nick Dinsmoor

Synthesizer and Campaign Designer

Bryce Quig-Hartman

Mermaid and Program Manager

Lauren Robinson

Pastry Chef and Campaign Designer

Hannah Schulte

TV Buff and Campaign Designer

Lindsay Sayre

Resident Canadian and Social Media Guru

Andrea Lee

Frenchie Mom and Marketing Coordinator

MacKenzie Rodine

Mountaineer and Advisor

Mitch Lewis

Song Bird and CFO

Martha Lee

Our Clients


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